June 8, 2011

Drawings 23-27.

I think we can agree that this paperclip is the most accurate and the most boring drawing I will ever do. Moving on.

The trumpet might be more of a bugle than anything else. It seems to be lacking a lot of tubes and levers.

The burrito would be the second most boring drawing ever, except that it has brought us to this:

Bwahahaha! I love puppets, but what I love more than puppets is an animal that will allow me to manipulate it. I'd like to believe that even though there's a hand holding this burrito kitty, it's only to avoid a blurry picture and the kitty-seal really loves it. Lucky me, Penny lets me cradle her like a baby and loves to be under the covers with her head poking out. Still, all this might even be trumped by a child conducive to being dressed up and posed....

Which reminds me that I need to find some baby tube socks. I know they're out there because Google Images has pictures of them. What I shouldn't have been surprised by is that the majority of the results of an image search for tube socks are "sexy" pictures.

So I chose man legs. And a picture of some delicious, brand new crayons. Not that I'd eat them, but you know how fresh art supplies make life seem organized and clean and simple and pretty? I'm sure you do.


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