June 9, 2011

Drawing 28. I'm a little ashamed, but a little more proud.

If you care to click on the drawing to enlarge it, you'll see that my nerdery reached a *ridiculous* level just five days ago. I've been slowly coming down ever since and I anticipate an epic crash into intellectualism on or around Tuesday.

Not familiar with Futurama or it's loveable drunk robot Bender? It is another of Matt Groening's gifts to the world. So I can't take any creative credit for this. I ripped off everything. From memory, with only one mistake.

Technically, Bender's most frequently uttered words are:
10. Chump
9. Chumpette
8. Yours
7. Up
6. Pimpmobile
5. Bite
4. My
3. Shiny
2. Daffodil
1. Ass

So I mixed up #7 and #8 and I really thought they just alluded to #1. So two (tiny) mistakes. Hence the shame.

Who can describe a scene/episode that involves one of Bender's accessories? Let's ride this wave of nerdiness together, and meet up later to talk about books and philosophy and stuff.

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