May 7, 2010

This was a 12-hour work day and I'm worried that I shouldn't eat chocolate before bed but I'm going to do it anyways; and some last-minute thoughts.

First of all, I've just received communication from a company where I recently applied for a job, got all excited because it would be awesome, and had an interview. But I'm not hired. Boo. Of the 170-some applications, only six people were interviewed, and I really appreciate them sharing that information because it does make me feel a little less crappy. Oh well. ONWARD!

Tomorrow is the Spring Market and I think I'm ready. I spent the entire day making final arrangements. Here's how it broke down:
5% of day = bringing wallet downtown to forgetful husband; having lunch with said husband
5% of day = regular life-sustaining tasks like eating dinner, taking bathroom breaks, playing Mafia Wars on Facebook, and blogging
25% of day = updating inventory, packing everything up, other misc. show-related tasks
65% of day = making my table banner

Aaaaand here it is....

Don't let the simple looks fool you; this was a monstrous undertaking by my standards. Not being a sewer, and having not one but two "vintage" sewing machines, I was delighted to get away with only having to sew two long, straight lines - one at the top of each banner - and it went incredibly smoothly (except for when the bobbin ran out and then the other time when the thread broke).

The more tedious part was using the paper cut-out letters from Becky's Cricut to trace backwards letters on the black felt and then cut each one out.

Ironing them onto the flags was made pretty tolerable with episodes of General Hospital.

But even catching up on my stories would not have eased the torture of the MOST tedious part: cutting the flannel flags with a very old and very dull pinking shears. Thanks, grandma.

No, really. Thanks to my grandma, I don't have to buy things like pinking shears and sewing machines.

Now I'm going to eat my chocolate and hope that tomorrow brings lots of customers to offset my perpetual joblessness and that the people I sit next to are entertaining (and if they're not, that they leave me alone) and that Betty White does some sweet sketches on SNL.

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