May 27, 2010

My first dreamcatcher

I found this hanging on the bulletin board in my old bedroom at my parents house and decided to take it home. Maybe that's what my mom has been mumbling about ("disaster...can't find anything...your stuff out of the house...").

Nah. I'm sure it has more to do with the years and years of schoolwork she saved. Rightfully so; I operated on near-genius levels until I hit adulthood. Like my dentist says, once you stop growing you're basically just getting older. I always enjoy our little chats.

Anyways, my old brain can't remember exactly, but I think this was a Girl Scout project from sometime around the fifth grade. Sure, I was a socially and physically awkward preteen whose athletic inclinations amounted to playing Tiddly Winks, but I could sure center the hole in my dreamcatcher. Seriously, arts and crafts were the best part of childhood and I'm still holding on for dear life!

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