May 11, 2010

If your craft show table represents your life.....

mine is apparently somewhat cluttered and very distracted. Several people asked, "did you make all of these things?" Yes. I'm troubled by a short attention span and busy hands, so we end up with dreamcatchers, drawings, knitting, jewelry, pins, and a pile of miscellanea.

I'm pleased with the way the table turned out and the show was pretty awesome. Not that I made a ton of money, but the planning of the event was immense and it was a gratifying success. I was lucky enough to be trusted with writing the press release. Glad to have that experience under my belt. And very grateful to the handful of peeps who really made the show happen. It was busy the whole day with people who heard about the show from every avenue we tried to exploit. Bwahahahaha! Athough, almost all of my customers were people I know.

I'm considering the implications of this...are my items marketable/useful to the general populous? Why am I trying to market to the general populous? Wouldn't it be more lucrative to pick a target market? Who is that market? At least this is clear: people I know are sweet and supportive and fabulous. And they have good taste.

I learn something every time I do a show. This time, I learned that taxes are to be feared. I'm pretty sure that, despite my peaceful demeanor in this picture, I'm thinking about IRS hecklers* and debt collectors and lawyers and Jehovah's Witnesses** who want nothing more than to collect my soul because I didn't follow statute 3.593726 under the small business filing codes.***

* I know, I know. You're just doing your job.
** I have nothing against Jehovah's Witnesses and I'm sure that my following statute 3.593726 has no effect on them wanting my soul.
*** This statute does not exist. Right?

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really cute banner/booth! congrats on the successful show!