March 19, 2010

Joe's felted slippers; making them was quite a "feat."


As you can see, hubs was in desperate need of new slippers...

The $10 ones were leaving bits of themselves all over the house (which, actually, I was cool with because we just got a new vacuum and it works on every kind of floor and has sweet attachments and is so awesome that I had to empty the canister after my very first run through the house - and that truthfully doesn't even include two whole carpeted rooms).

So I went for a tried and true pattern that my friend's mom, Betty, has done a bunch of times. Here's what the slippers looked like before felting:


The best thing about them is that they knit fast so even though I had to make two of them, I did it fairly quickly. Honestly, I thought they'd be ready for next winter, so I'm pretty pleased with myself. The other best thing about them is that the felting makes them real sturdy-like so I won't have to make any more for several years.

Voila! One of them is a bit wonky for some reason, but I think (hope) that it'll sort of right itself with wear. In any case, I'm told they are comfortable.

If it were up to me, I'd put some sweet toggle buttons on them, just for interest, but I'm guessing that ain't going to fly.

Stay tuned for news about the newest items going up on Etsy!

1 comment:

Nina said...

Aw, who cares if the slipper is a bit wonky, they look wonderfully warm and cozy, and that's what counts. :) And you made them yourself!