March 4, 2010

Craft room move

So, Picasa, which is Google's photo editing software, is SO AWESOME! Because now I can add captions to my photos, there may or may not be less monotonous reading for you. Probably not. The one drawback: it has only furthered my suspicion that Google is making a run for world domination.

So we moved the craft room into the office. A whole room's worth of stuff into half the space? Yes. I'll be storing some things in the basement that I don't readily need and getting rid of a few things. GETTING RID OF A FEW THINGS. Crafting blasphemy.

Because the below-mentioned diploma was purchased via journalism school, and because journalists love puns and cliches, no matter what we may say when we're not writing headlines, I will go ahead and use the phrase "this is where the magic happens."


Nina said...

I wish I had a room like that..

Theresa B said...

I am a very lucky girl. You'd think it would help me keep the rest of the house free of yarn and whatnot...but no.