January 30, 2010

Two gifts and a sneak peak

It seems I'm always excited about some pending baby or another - sometimes more than one at a time, like right now I know of like five - and this week I got to give them things.

<--- booties and blankie --->

There were many other gifts given this week that I don't have pics for yet. But I do have a picture of my entry in February's HandmadeMN Challenge:

HandmadeMN is a blog by and about Minnesotans who have shops on Etsy. Every month, we can submit something to the challenge that fits whatever theme we've been given and you can vote for your fave! February's theme is fiery.

Go vote! Also, if you like Etsy and you like buying local goods, all the members' shops are linked by category for your shopping convenience (I'm under "mixed media artists").

PS - Remember when I mentioned the type of vacations we take? Well, tomorrow I'm going to Atlanta with Becky to visit some friends for a week. Super excited to see the aquarium, zoo, and Coke museum! And I'll be with people who can talk about knitting with me without getting bored.


Nina said...

Those booties are too cute!

Joe B said...

Are you saying I get bored with knitting talk?

Theresa B said...

I'm saying you *might* not even listen in the first place.

Just kidding, you're very good at humoring me.