January 29, 2010

Photo collage for the bedroom

I did it! I didn't wait months or years to get this one done! It turned out to be way easier than the first; partly because there are only 25 pics instead of 49, and partly because I was already experienced in the limitations of my adhesives.

These are more scenic than the photos in the dining room collage. Because I don't want everyone I know staring at me while I'm in bed.

Penny did make the cut, though, because she's just too cute to exclude. Otherwise the pics are from our Lake Superior adventures, around our yard and neighborhood (the egret is in there!), and from our honeymoon in Hawaii.

THIS is the frame, probs one of my all-time favorites.


Anonymous said...

Your collages are amazing! I'm very impressed!

Nina said...

I love this collage too!