December 17, 2009

TWO FOR ONE: fails post

Waaa waaahhhhhh.

I know this doesn't really LOOK like a fail (except for the unreasonably short tassels, but I'll probably fix those so LEAVE ME ALONE!), but, as you may or may not recall, it's the item I've been planning to donate to the Red Scarf Project - the deadline for which was December 15th. Well, it's December 17th and the box is sitting in the car all ready to ship. It's not in Sterling, VA. where it should be so it can be dispersed yet somewhere else in the country to a college kid who has exited the foster system. So, um, I guess this will donated next year.

Also, you may or may not recall, I've been working on some boots for Penny because she is small and fragile and at the same time very energetic. After many hours of knitting, cutting, sewing, and assembling here's what I got:

Times four, of course. And actually, this isn't the finished product - the finished ones are lined with burgundy felt, have a velcro closure, and have a leather pad on the bottom. So yesterday we put them to the test! Me in my coat, cowl, hat, mittens, and boots and Penny in her sweater (which, by the way, matches my hat, thank you very much) and her brand new snow shoes! Sure, she was weirded out at first, but the excitement of a walk totally overrode the misgivings as soon as we stepped outside.

But they aren't long enough! They kept falling off, so I was forced to stuff them in my pocket and move along. Sure enough, three short blocks later Penny pretty much shut down and refused to walk, so then I was the loser carrying a dog.


Melissa Miller said...

HAHAHAAHAH oh Theresa. The scarf looks cute, it will be year. And the booties are so cute, I can just see Penny all jaunty and cute in her (FAIL) booties. It was a good try and I love the idea. You should be proud :) xoxo

havfaith said...

Aww, they're cute though! I had polar fleece booties for my lab mix when I lived in Alaska. Luckily, the boys don't need them where we are now... or where we'll be soon. =) Hope you can fix those so they'll stay on better!