December 15, 2009

ETSY shop to open soon!

Wow, been a while (pronounce the "h"!).


My sister and I did the Dodge Nature Preschool Bazaar for the second year early this month. It was fun (which is as far away from last year's experience as you can get, what with the nervous breakdown and all) - but we didn't sell very much. I think most of the sellers were hoping to make more than they did - except for maybe Samantha, the 11-year-old girl at the table next to me. She was an amazing saleswoman and this was her first craft show and she was so so excited. Plus, she had made all kinds of cute things that pandered to the preschool market. Bookmarks and gift tags - not so much. Who's got the communications degree??


Anyways, some people encouraged me to start an etsy shop so I'm doing it. You can look at it, but there aren't any items posted yet. STAY TUNED.

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Melissa Miller said...

FINALLY you are opening an ETSY shop. This makes me very happy :)