February 4, 2009

Wednesday's Comment Call-out

"They just do not get it. Why are they trying to create class warfare? I have been reading on how the Nazi's came to power. This is right from their playbook. Get everyone depended on the government. then propaganda, then arrest those that do not follow this ideoligy. We are living a scary time folks."

This is a comment from a Star Tribune article on proposed rules for the companies receiving bailout money. Specifically, placing a cap on the salaries and bonuses of the top executives, among other things. I just want to point out the Obama is not a Nazi and I think it's pretty ridiculous to make that connection. Do people not know that there is always class warfare? Under capitalism, too. Also, propaganda is innate to politics of any kind - even the politics that seep into pop culture. Who are all our movie villains these days? People who just-so-happen to look middle-eastern. Sounds just like what we call propaganda as we look back on all the movies of yore in which the villains were always Commie Reds. Let's also not forget that Obama is coming into this at a mid-point. The bailout business and a lot of other goings-on were in the works before Obama became the Dem candidate, let alone the president. Finally, I read nothing in this article that suggests anything about arrests - or, like many other commentators seem to fear, the crossover of beginning to enforce rules for companies that aren't receiving bailout dollars.

I swear, I tried to get something from the Pioneer Press, but no one seems to comment there.

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