February 6, 2009

Friday's Sweet Stuff: Soy candles

Milton and Margie's Soy Wax Candles!

I bought a Milton and Margie soy candle at a local craft show last fall and haven't even burned through half of it. It smells warm and comfy like chamomile. The other scents (like hot chocolate) are similarly pleasant without being too sugary or syrupy like a lot of candles out there. In other words, these are the opposite of all those nauseating pine or vanilla scented candles that somehow smell like the worst version of themselves. These make use of old canning jars, tin cans, tea cups, and other funky containers. You, of course, are then left with a container to reuse or recycle in your own way. At the show I went to they had one candle in a juice glass EXACTLY like the ones I remember using at my great-grandma's house as a little girl. Mine was $12, which you can easily spend on a decent candle anywhere, but this one has lasted a long time, smells great, and was made locally.

Read more on Milton and Margie's blog. You can purchase the candles at various places around the Twin Cities and on Etsy.

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