February 8, 2009

Sunday's Mischief Managed: Bath time

Penny doesn't get baths too often and like lots of dogs, she's not very fond of them. She tolerated me pretty well for this bath, although I always had a hand on her lest she jump out of the tub. During the bath, the look on her face is typically confused and bewildered, which you would never guess was the case if you viewed one of her post-bath frenzies.

Without fail, the water that has permeated her coat sends her into a crazed blur - she runs as fast as possible up and down the hallways and around corners for several minutes. The house echoes with the sounds of her toenails griping the carpet as she changes directions and her growls and grunts as she lets all of her little inhibitions go.

I think this is a dead leaf from one of my dead houseplants and I'm pretty sure Penny ate it during a lull in her mania. Just to re-fuel.

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