November 25, 2010

I am thankful for dirt.

Things about Minnesota that I am thankful for and maybe someday will inspire a craft:

My family.

Freshly fallen snow that coats every little tiny twig on every tree-lined street, but only until it becomes a world of slush made gray by car exhaust.

Lakes. So many lakes.

Fireplaces that actually get used.

Summer sunsets at 9 pm.

. Where would we be without tuna noodle casserole?


The North Shore. It's the Hamptons of MN.

Target. You're welcome.

Green bean casserole, preferably made with nothing but canned ingredients.

Dirt; specifically the warm kind that smells good because it is a reminder that it's summer.

I don't know how any of these could translate into a craft, but perhaps it'll be an interesting quest to embark upon, like the Native Americans discovering Grand Portage.*

*It wouldn't actually be anything like that, but I needed a MN-related simile.

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