November 14, 2008

Scrapbooking weekend is coming up!

I'm going up to the Brainerd area next Thursday for a scrapbooking weekend - although I think I won't actually scrapbook so much as make a huge stockpile of cards for every occasion. I'm excited! I love making cards because I get a product so much faster than with a scrapbook. It still surprises me that I muster the patience to do things like knitting or drawing, because traditionally I like to have a product in, oh, ten to twenty minutes.

Most of the cards will be for my own use, I think, but some may be sold. I'm pumped to be with a bunch of other women so we can use each other's stamps and punches and whatnot. My sister invited me, but I'll also know a couple of her friends.

I'll probably bring knitting, too, depending on how much paper crafting stuff I end up packing. Can you imagine? Thirteen women packing clothes, toiletries, and food for three days - plus bags, boxes, and totes of craft materials.

If only we could all make a living crafting. Difficult economy and all, it's sometimes tempting to try...

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